About Freedom Class
Giant Drone Racing.


reedom Class Racing is developing the premier class in the emerging sport of drone racing. Having been involved with the sport since early 2013, Freedom Drone Sports quickly realised that for drone racing to develop and have mainstream appeal, things needed to get bigger.

Much bigger.

The Freedom Class team have been designing, building and testing prototype drones of up to 1.2m in diameter, almost 10 times bigger than the current racing drones. This scale gives the aircraft the size, speed, power and sound to not only captivate audiences at an event, but be fitted with the latest technology and equipment needed to broadcast live drone racing events.

Drone racing is one of the fastest growing sports across the globe. One of the first truly 21st-century sports, it combines elements of eSports, virtual reality, augmented reality and real live racing. With exponential advancements in battery power and digital technology, Freedom Class Giant Drone Racing is excited to be at the forefront of a new age in sports entertainment.

The Team

  • Paul New
    Paul New Managing Director & Co-Founder
  • Grantley Reed
    Grantley Reed Director Of Operations & Co-Founder
  • Leonard Hall
    Leonard Hall Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
  • Chris Ballard
    Chris Ballard Communications Director & Co-Founder

Freedom Class™ Racing is a division of Freedom Drone Sports™ and a partner of The Institute Of Drone Technology™.